Troldtekt Award 2016 - Runner-up

“Choice Theory”

The project is defining an alternative use of Troldtekt, as a flexible, indoor dividing wall system.

The wall system consists of a steel or aluminium supporting system, which is divided up into smaller square sections, into which Troldtekt elements, shaped as smaller cubes, are inserted. The project uses references to mosaics or cross-stitches, scaled into wall size, thus providing the acoustic properties, that can be helpful in spaces with otherwise hard surfaces.

The system suggests that the Troldtekt cubes can be used in different colours and that there should be a possibility to push the cubes into the metal framework at different angles, thus giving endless possibilities to create patterns, openings with no cubes and 3-dimensional or spatial qualities to the dividing wall - into multiple, individual user configurations. As the project states: “Why is the user not the builder?”

The jury wishes to appraise this concept for the positive idea of a user interface, the potential of a wide variety of patterns and colours - the potential to shut out or open flexibly between rooms, including the potential of molding and applying daylight via less or more penetration.

The jury can see potentials in shaping the metal framework in many sizes and patterns, e.g. as diamond-shaped or circular shapes, as well as in larger formation.

The current technology of the Troldtekt seems realistic to challenge into other sizes and cut-shapes.

The jury sees a weakness in the fact that the idea is not a stand-alone Troldtekt item, but that a supplementary supporting metal grid-component has to be developed, however, for the capability of looking at Troldtekt as an artistic, as well as a well-known acoustic, enabler in interior decoration, as well as for the potential user-interaction, the project is there for awarded The Troldtekt Award 2nd prize of 2,000 euros.