Troldtekt Award 2016 - Special Prize

Acoustic pavilion

The project describes an outdoor 3 to 4m high pavilion, designed in Troldtekt sheet-components laser-cut and combined into an open 3-dimensional structure, a “hut”, hovering above a circular, submerged seating space. The idea is, that the pavilion will become a quiet place for outdoor activities in the midst of the city.

The structure is built by a wooden framework, or trusses, with attachment of mounted Troldtekt sheets on either side of the trusses, thus appearing as a pure Troldtekt surface and –materiality.

The jury finds the Pavilion beautiful, ethereal and well proportioned. It also connects and shows Troldtekt manufactured through modern 3D cutting technology. Due to the openness of the structure, the jury does, however, not believe in the stamina and robustness, needed for long outdoor life for the pavilion, exposed to the open weather - as well as the acoustic potential for a quiet moment away from the city noise. However, the jury sees the potential to use the pavilion as a beautiful, modern, temporary and functional art-installation in the city, as an acoustic-material symbol of “taking a break from the buzz”, and perhaps leaving it on-site, to let the public witness how the pavilion changes as this is affected by the weather, thus telling a strong story of the natural materials of Troldtekt.

The project is there for awarded the Troldtekt Award Special Prize of 1,000 euros.