Troldtekt voted ‘Årets Boligfavorit’ in the indoor climate category

In November, visitors to the Danish homes and gardens media idé voted for their home favourites in 2022. The design solution Troldtekt v-line came first in the indoor climate category.


With its discreet grooves, Troldtekt v-line creates a characterful and uniform ceiling surface while ensuring a healthy indoor climate with good acoustics. The new design solution has won the approval of users of the Danish homes and gardens media idényt. They have just selected Troldtekt v-line as winner of the ‘Årets Boligfavorit 2022’ (Home Favourite 2022) award in the indoor climate category 🙏✌️

Troldtekt v-line comes in two variants:

  • Troldtekt v-line 1way, which creates a calm ceiling surface with long, uninterrupted lines reminiscent of wooden strip ceilings.
  • Troldtekt v-line 2way, where the longitudinal grooves are broken by transverse grooves where the panel ends meet. A white or natural grey/natural wood variant of 2way creates a particularly distinctive pattern in the room.

This year’s ‘Årets Boligfavoritter’ (Home Favourites) were awarded in 14 categories, and the idényt jury had nominated a selection of the nominees in each category beforehand. Troldtekt v-line was also nominated in the interior design category.

More competitive price

With its milled grooves, Troldtekt v-line represents a further development of the popular design solutions Troldtekt line and Troldtekt line design, which have been on the market since 2019.

Troldtekt v-line is based on the classic 25 mm Troldtekt acoustic panels, while all the other solutions in the design series are based on 35 mm panels. The v-line variants thus weigh less and can also be produced at very competitive prices.

Like the other Troldtekt acoustic panels, Troldtekt v-line is manufactured from Danish wood and cement. The panels have achieved certification at Gold level under the sustainable Cradle to Cradle design concept – and they also carry the Danish Indoor Climate Label.