See the photos here: Entrepreneur Matilde Trobeck’s newly built house features Troldtekt acoustic panels

Matilde Trobeck, who shares lifestyle and home content with her approximately 105,000 followers on Instagram, has built her dream home north of Copenhagen with her husband. Now the house is ready, and at the centre of it all, the couple chose Troldtekt v-line, which provides good acoustics and an elegant design.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in private home

Matilde Trobeck,  who is best known from Instagram and her husband, Kristian Hebsgaard, who is a civil engineer and co-architect of the house, have been busy building their dream home. It is located in Hørsholm, close to the forest and nature. Now the last wall outlet has been installed and the paintbrush stowed away.

Building a new house requires a lot of patience and making many choices, but both Matilde Trobeck and Kristian Hebsgaard are more than happy with the finished result.

"It's exactly what we wanted. I've heard it said that you have to build three houses before you are completely satisfied with every decision. For us, this already happened the first time around," says Matilde Trobeck.


Design ceiling with acoustic qualities

The couple’s dream was to build a house with a living room that could accommodate the whole family. They got their wish with a large, open-plan kitchen-dining room with an over four-metres high vaulted ceiling and five-metre wide floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the forest.

From the outset, the couple knew they needed an effective, yet distinctive acoustic solution to match the house’s exclusive design. It began with a visit to a model home with Troldtekt ceilings, where the couple fell in love with Troldtekt acoustic solutions. After visiting Troldtekt’s showroom in Copenhagen, the family chose the right design solution for their new home.

Their choice fell on Troldtekt’s design solution, Troldtekt v-line 1way with 6 milled v-shaped grooves and painted black, which helps create the right atmosphere in the newly built house:

"We’re so happy with the black ceiling, as the black colour helps draw the surrounding nature and forest into the house. In the evening, it feels like the ceiling blends in with the night sky. It creates a cosy and calm atmosphere," says Kristian Hebsgaard.

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Create a distinctive ceiling with Troldtekt v-line

Troldtekt v-line contains longitudinal v-grooves in the surface and a half groove is milled along the long edges of the panel, creating an extra groove when two panels are joined together.

You can choose panels with either ten or six grooves. The six-groove variant chosen by Matilde Trobeck and Kristian Hebsgaard stands out beautifully and clearly in larger rooms with higher ceilings because of the greater distance between the grooves.

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FACTS AND FIGURES: About Matilde Trobeck

Matilde is a Danish entrepreneur known from Instagram. Around 105,000 people follow the @matildetrobeck profile where Matilde Trobeck shares content about lifestyle, everyday life and home living.

Most recently, Matilde Trobeck and Kristian Hebsgaard created the Instagram profile @matildeogkristianshus, where they share inspiration and advice on interior design, choosing materials and the building process with their approx. 22,000 followers. They have actively used the profile throughout the entire building process and also put their thoughts into words behind the chosen acoustic solution from Troldtekt.