Sorting and new technology bring tangible gains

In 2017, Troldtekt A/S produced more acoustic panels than in 2016, but generated less waste for incineration. At the same time, a new painting facility has reduced paint wastage in production by 70 per cent. Both these positive developments are in line with the company’s focus on Cradle to Cradle and the UN global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Even though Troldtekt A/S produced almost 10 per cent more acoustic panels in 2017 than in the previous year, the amount of waste suitable for incineration was reduced by 13 per cent. At the same time, the company experienced a decline in paint consumption.
 “We’ve made significant investments in new processes and new technologies which are contributing to our positive results year after year. Our production is becoming more environmentally friendly, while in the long term we’re saving money. For us, social responsibility must go hand in hand with running a sound business, and the past few years have shown that you cannot have one without the other,” says Per Leth, CEO at Troldtekt.  

More recycling and less waste

The figures for waste and paint consumption are two examples of the data to be found in Troldtekt’s latest CSR report, which has just been submitted to the UN as part of the company’s affiliation with the voluntary UN Global Compact initiative.
“When it comes to waste, we have increased our focus on sorting, and on sorting into more factions. This means that we’re sending more waste for recycling while saving money on waste disposal,” says Peer Leth, and continues:
“Our paint consumption decreased slightly in 2017 because our new plant enables us to collect and recycle more paint, and also we’ve been able to reduce waste by more than 70 per cent.”

Focus on SDGs

Since 2012, Troldtekt has been working strategically with the Cradle to Cradle design concept. Moreover, in 2017 Troldtekt chose two of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals which it makes most sense for the company to support.
 “We’ve chosen to focus on the SDGs where we can make a difference, and which are also in line with our Cradle to Cradle strategy. We cannot fight hunger by producing acoustic panels, but we can, for example, contribute to more sustainable production,” explains Per Leth.
In addition to waste sorting and the new painting facility, Troldtekt has invested several million Danish kroner in, among other things, a new drying oven, a new bio-boiler and the use of 100 per cent wind power in production.

Expansion accentuates benefits

At the moment, Troldtekt is expanding its factory in Troldhede. The investment runs into approx. DKK 170 million and involves a doubling of capacity from January 2019.
“The environmental benefits and cost reductions which we have achieved and the experience which we have gained in recent years will make even more of a difference when we double production line capacity from next January. Choosing the most efficient technology is costly in the short term, but we can see that it pays off in the long run,” says Peer Leth.

Read the full Troldtekt CSR report for 2017 here >


  • Troldtekt A/S is a leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.
  • Since 1935, wood and cement have been the main natural raw materials in our production, which takes place in Denmark in modern facilities with a low environmental impact.
  • The product range also includes special solutions that combine acoustic ceilings with, for example, integrated ventilation.
  • Troldtekt’s business strategy is founded on the Cradle to Cradle design concept, which plays a key role in safeguarding environmental benefits towards 2022.
  • The entire range of Troldtekt acoustic panels, both in natural and in standard paint colours, is Cradle to Cradle-certified in the silver category.


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Highlights from the Troldtekt CSR report 2017
One of the sustainable forest plantations where trees used to produce Troldtekt are felled, copyright© Troldtekt A/S
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