Designing with wood wool

Troldtekt® design solutions

A Troldtekt design solution allows you to combine good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with expression and character.

You can create your own patterns and rhythms in the design – and vary and scale the given design. This gives you great freedom to harmonise form and function in all types of buildings.

New Troldtekt design solutions win distinguished German design award
The Troldtekt design solutions have been awarded several prestigious design awards

The design solutions are mass-produced, drawing on CNC technology. This means that they can be purchased at competitive prices. All the solutions result in ceilings or walls that you experience as a large cohesive unit.

In a nutshell, it’s not about the panel, but the surface.

The series of Troldtekt design solutions has won an ICONIC Awards 2019 and a German Design Award 2020 as well as been in the final of the Danish Design Award 2020 and the DETAIL Product Award 2020.

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Troldtekt® line

Troldtekt line acoustic panels have lengthwise surface grooves.

Troldtekt line provides an elegant, uniform ceiling surface with no visible joints, and the peaceful look characteristic of timber batten ceilings.

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The design solution Troldtekt® line is acoustic panels with lengthwise surface grooves

Troldtekt® line design

Troldtekt line design has milled grooves in the surface and overlapping edges on all sides.

When you join the panels, the result is continuous grooves with a seamless look and invisible joints. You perceive the surface pattern as a whole, and it is difficult to detect where the panels meet.

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The design solution Troldtekt® line design is acoustic panels with milled grooves

Troldtekt® tilt line

This design solution results in a multifaceted surface. Each acoustic panel has six angled grooves, and milled half grooves along the outer edges.

This results in continuous straight grooves at the joints between panels, and an elegant combination of angled and straight grooves. 

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The design solution Troldtekt® tilt line is acoustic panels with an elegant combination of angled and straight milled grooves

Troldtekt® dots

Troldtekt dots are acoustic panels with round indentations, varying in size.

If you want a cohesive surface with a dynamic pattern of circular elements, choose Troldtekt dots.

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The design solution Troldtekt® dots is acoustic panels featuring a pattern of circular indentations

Troldtekt® curves

Troldtekt curves consists of acoustic panels with curved grooves.

This design solution offers a seamless surface, with a lengthwise pattern of repetitive, soft curves.

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The design solution Troldtekt® curves is acoustic panels with curved grooves

Troldtekt® puzzle

Troldtekt puzzle is made up of square acoustic panels with four equal sections. Three of the four sections have diagonal, vertical or horizontal grooves cut.

This solution gives you the freedom to create a surface with repetitive or random patterns.

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Troldtekt® puzzle is square acoustic panels with four equal sections

Troldtekt® tiles

The Troldtekt tiles solution consists of quadratic acoustic panels with milled parallel grooves in the surface.

Troldtekt tiles results in a design with a pattern of rectangles which can vary in size.

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The design solution Troldtekt® tiles is acoustic panels with milled parallel grooves in the surface, creating a pattern of rectangles

Troldtekt® rhomb

Create a surface with a scalable three-dimensional pattern by combining rhombus-shaped acoustic panels.

You can combine the rhombuses in repetitive or random patterns, producing the exact design you want.

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The design solution Troldtekt® rhomb is acoustic panels that create a rhombus-shaped pattern with a three-dimensional effect

Troldtekt® rhomb mini

Like Troldtekt rhomb, this mini version can be used to create a three-dimensional pattern.

The solution consists of hexagon-shaped acoustic panels that are half the size of the hexagon formed by joining three classic Troldtekt rhomb panels. The three rhombuses on the hexagon panel are bounded by grooves.

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The design solution Troldtekt® rhomb mini is hexagon-shaped acoustic panels which add a three-dimensional pattern to the ceiling or wall surface

Troldtekt® v-line 1way

Troldtekt v-line 1way gives you a uniform ceiling with longitudinal grooves cut into the surface. The solution adds a distinctive look to the interior design – for example in private homes and offices.

Half grooves cut into the panel’s longitudinal edges create an extra groove when two panels are installed side by side. The ends of the panels are square-edged and therefore flush when installed for a clean, smooth finish.

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Design Solutions

Troldtekt v-line 2way

Troldtekt v-line 2way gives you a ceiling surface with longitudinal grooves supplemented with transverse grooves where the panel ends meet. The solution adds a characterful pattern to the interior design – for example in private homes and offices.

On v-line 2way panels, half grooves are cut into all four edges of each panel so that extra grooves are created when two panels are installed side by side. It creates a contiguous surface with a pattern which stands out – especially when white or natural-coloured panels are chosen.

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Design Solutions

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troldtekt design collage

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Troldtekt® design

In this brochure you will find inspiration, and facts about the Troldtekt design solutions. There are nine alternatives, but countless ways to combine them, so your projects can have a unique expression. See how some of the solutions are used in practice, and read an interview with the architect behind the nine designs.

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Troldtekt, Google HQ

The classic Troldtekt acoustic panel. For ceiling and wall cladding in all types of building.

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Troldtekt® Plus

Troldtekt Innovest

Two-layer acoustic panel with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool. A time and space saving acoustic solution.

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Troldtekt® A2

Troldtekt Mehrweckhalle Neustadt

Non-combustible acoustic panel for the use in areas where there are stricter fire safety regulations, such as in means of escape.

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