Contrastive architecture for the elderly in Gødvad

The new nursing home on the outskirts of Silkeborg is a distinctive building in a rapidly growing part of the city. Sited in a prominent position in the landscape, the two-storey structure is particularly eye-catching. Gødvad nursing home consists of three detached buildings linked by passageways between the various facilities and the residential units.

Troldtekt, Gødvad plejecenter
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The buildings are designed according to a uniform principle, with black slate facades balanced by window sections in white concrete boxes. The graphic, sculptural design is emphasised by the unusual roof shape, which appears particularly dramatic as the three buildings are oriented at different angles to the garden.

Two of the buildings house a total of 40 residential units with a shared day room and kitchen. The third building houses various facilities for the residents, and in addition to the administration there is a large high-ceilinged communal room, where residents can meet up for various activities and social get-togethers. The room commands views of the garden and the surrounding countryside.

Acoustic ceilings with lighting

The garden links the buildings with the surrounding landscape. A series of small gardens encourage short walks outdoors, or along the passageways connecting the buildings, from where there are fine views of the gardens and the landscape. The passageways extend to the outdoor stairwells/lifts, and can be described as covered outdoor spaces.

Grey cement boards interspersed with glass provide protection against the wind and weather. Through the varied use of materials, the passageways become independent elements standing out from the buildings, interspersed as they are between the inside and the outside. The transitions between the glass and cement boards also make the passages appear shorter, and more like indoor spaces.

Troldtekt acoustic panels with Wave lighting also help create a warmer atmosphere in the long rooms and in the stairwell, softening the hard acoustics otherwise associated with the hard materials. Troldtekt acoustic panels with integrated longitudinal lighting are installed in all the passage areas, both inside and out. In this way, Troldtekt supports an architectural design which places particular emphasis on blurring the transition between the interior and exterior environments.

Dining with good acoustics

The architects schmidt hammer lassen (SHL) have successfully incorporated comfortable acoustics in the day rooms at the nursing home. Good acoustics are also needed in the high-ceilinged communal rooms, where many different types of activity take place during the day. The architects have chosen Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood, fine, with integrated round lighting. In this way, the passageways and open spaces are distinguished by different types of lighting fixtures (longitudinal in the passageways and round in the day rooms). The exception is the large hall, where lamps are suspended from the high ceiling. 

Gødvad nursing home is an ingenious, exciting complex, which leaves a very positive impression. It offers a variety of charming experiences such as small light wells near the day rooms in the buildings, and all the different materials which stimulate the senses.