Modern head office in black and white

Thanks to the creativity of the interior designers and architect, this office building is a perfect fusion of function and design. The varying designs of the acoustic panels give each room its own identity.

Photo: Olaf Wiechers, arkitekt

The new office for CF Automation Parts GmbH & Co. KG is designed in a signature black-and-white contrast combined with a brass shade, in keeping with the corporate identity of the Koblenz-based company, which specialises in drive, vacuum, valve and measuring technology. The 760 m2 two-storey building designed by deinearchitektin Alexandra Faßbender has plenty of space for presentation, exhibition, relaxation and work areas as well as for workshops, storerooms and garages.

The ground floor is bathed in light thanks to large floor-to-ceiling windows. The open-plan foyer accommodates reception, presentation and exhibition rooms as well as a few work stations. Workshops, storerooms and auxiliary areas are adjoined at the back. The top floor, which houses additional office space, a seminar area and lounges, can also be hired out to third parties as a self-contained unit and accessed via a separate side entrance.

Glass-panelled offices for greater transparency

The rooms are open and transparent. Large glass partitions can be opened and closed to offer flexible, multi-purpose spaces. A spacious lounge area with a table football set, kitchenette, communication zones and an adjacent terrace underscore the client’s requirement to create a pleasant working environment for its employees to promote innovation at work.

Brass is a major component of the colour and material design. This material, originally used in valve technology, also features on the door and window frames, for example.

Acoustic panels as a key design element

Acoustics and several hard materials play an important role in the new open-plan building. To this end, all areas feature Troldtekt acoustic panels, which meet the highest design standards and also perfectly complement the design concept thanks to their varied structure.

The selected Troldtekt line, Troldtekt line design and Troldtekt tilt line design solutions in various colours ranging from light grey to black perfectly match the light floors and the walls, which are painted white, grey and black. The design is rounded off with integrated ceiling lighting, which provides both direct and indirect light.

The use of Troldtekt elements ensured perfect acoustics even in rooms with little or no furnishings. Faced with a very short construction time, installation-ready acoustic materials were chosen that are quick and easy to install, meet high acoustic requirements and still allow sufficient custom design options in terms of colour and layout. For this reason, both the architect and the client favoured Troldtekt.