Office for Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

A few years ago, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects’ new offices were nothing more than an untouched shell, frozen in time. It was just a large open space on the first floor of a prominent location on Sundmolen in Nordhavn, Port of Copenhagen. All it consisted of was an unheated storage facility in need of windows, air-conditioning and toilets.

Troldtekt - Vilhelm Lauritzen
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

The architects wanted to retain as much as possible the raw look which is so characteristic of these harbourside buildings. Consequently, the concrete floor was preserved after it was given a light surface treatment, while the existing columns and walls were painted white. The previously closed facades were opened up with large windows which ensured maximum light. 

The workplaces are primarily ranged along the facades, giving employees views across the harbour basin and towards the city centre. The divided up centre of the building is partitioned to serve different uses, such as a large model workshop, archives, meetings, photocopying, storage toilets and a kitchen with an adjoining canteen.   

The original ceiling and girders were originally covered with Troldtekt which meant the room always enjoyed surprisingly good acoustics despite the concrete floor and concrete walls. Because the architects wanted to preserve and optimise the good acoustics and the textured look, the existing ceiling was covered with new Troldtekt panels and integrated strip lighting. The girders were also burnished and painted white.

Helena Lindgren MAA, who was responsible for the interior design of the rooms, says, “We find that the acoustics are extremely good throughout the office area. During the entire process, it was very important for us to create a good working environment and pleasant acoustics, as there are such a lot of us gathered in one large open plan room.”