Winner of the Troldtekt Award 2016

"“Troldtekt AIR"""

The author successfully creates an aesthetically pleasing, timeless space which perfectly links nature and brilliant simplicity using the sustainable Troldtekt material. Walls and ceilings are completely covered with panels, achieving wonderful homogeneity and perfectly reflecting the interior archetype.

A timeless room is virtually reinvented in perfect harmony with nature, clearly visible through the large window. The material is used appropriately on ceilings and walls but the jury views the proposal to use the material on the floor and on doors with some scepticism. The impression of solidity and simplicity is both astounding and fascinating as the author uses the Troldtekt material on the walls like a massive brick and covers the ceilings in the same way. The look and feel of the interior creates room for creativity thanks to its reserved homogeneity. The room adapts perfectly to those who are in it. The feeling of sitting in an ecological, sustainable, environmentally-friendly room feels completely natural.

The jury is both surprised and thrilled by the idea of playing with the thickness of the commercially available Troldtekt panel material, making the floor with a “thin and hard material”, the doors with “semi-thick material” and the walls with “thick bricks.”

This work illustrates a nice idea of innovatively yet realistically using the natural Troldtekt material in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The project is there for awarded the Troldtekt Award 1st Prize of 5,000 euros.