Troldtekt Award 2018 - Honourable Mention

Rescue House

This radical proposal – using a single material to construct a dwelling – and the crisis situation of “rescue” addressed, is a solemn call to find effective ways to attend to the fundamental human need for housing.

The Jury says:

We found the proposed use of Troldtekt as the single material for temporary, emergency housing appropriate: The indicated use integrates construction and thermal insulation within a single wall panel, reducing construction complexity while exploiting the insulating qualities of the material. Particularly convincing were the assembly drawings and diagrams: the panels and various parts of the construction are shown to be assembled without the need for tools.

To make this a viable proposal, one would need to develop a surface coating material as protection against sun and rain. Panels with structural reinforcement would also need to be developed.

The concepts of modularity and reuse were well developed in this scheme. The proposal allows for simple assembly and disassembly, allowing for compact storage and reducing the complexity of transportation. Ease of storage and assembly are central to this concept, as rescue housing is not a permanent affair but rather needs to be responsive to unpredictable situations.