Troldtekt Award 2018 - Special Prize


Soundshade convinces the Jury as an idea due to its simplicity: easy to hang, it allows for variation and flexibility in surface treatment.

The Jury says:

The entry takes the Troldtekt material as it is, adding simple but ingenious hardware that expands possible applications. The resulting construction and assembly concept is simple and low-cost, increasing the idea’s viability.

The proposal shows Troldtekt panels that can be moved and folded as a curtain. The acoustic effect of the curtain-wall can be modified to handle different scenarios with a minimum of effort.

The Jury saw additional possibilities to use the proposed product design as a ceiling panel, with foldable and movable units that allow for different uses within a single space. The absorbers could be folded and concentrated in one area, either to provide more absorption in part of a room, or to allow for ceiling revision and maintenance.

The hanger-system would need to be developed as a product, which we think would be worthwhile. The idea has the potential to be used in more ways than shown in the design entry.

The beautiful collage graphics are also convincing: the presentation is consistent with the design idea, achieving maximum effect with a minimum of technology. The collage graphics embrace the craft quality of the material itself, suggesting manifold potentiality and encouraging our own interaction with the project.