Troldtekt Award 2018 - Winning project


The Coral proposal works with the Troldtekt material in a completely new way, suggesting a revised production method as well as a surface design that emerges as the direct product of the proposed production mode.

The Jury says:

The material surface resulting from this method creates a powerful, sensual atmosphere in the visualised spaces shown in the entry. The Jury sees great potential for this kind of product. The proposal shows the product being used as wall treatment, the image allows interpretation of the wall as diaphanous screen or as an element lit from behind.

We see the possibility of further uses as a cladding material for ceilings, as a room divider, or for more informal uses. The modelled surface would allow for plays of light, indirect aural and visual personal contact, as well as the possibility of varying scales of sound absorption.

Even more mundane and practical uses can be imagined (use as a new kind of thermal insulation, or as a packaging material, for example)

The surfaces resulting from the proposed production technique can be customised. This would allow for varied surface treatments, from random and unique, one-off patterns to more structured ones.

The openings in the material allow the acoustic effect to be customised and varied. Any sound reflections will be dispersed in different, random directions due to the surface designs possible.

Production techniques are indicated in the design entry and would need to be developed further to create a feasible production method.

The presentation itself is a joyful expression – imprecise, allowing multiple interpretations of how the idea can be used. The pattern is well conceived and has potential to be developed as a production technique, showing new thinking that integrates production and design.