Troldtekt & Environment

The Cradle to Cradle principles serve as a strategic management tool, guaranteeing continuity and the development of the company’s work with sustainability

At Troldtekt, we focus intensely on making a positive contribution to the environment. The international Cradle to Cradle design concept is at the core of Troldtekt’s business strategy. Consequently, Troldtekt is fully focused on sustainability throughout the life cycle of its products, from the extraction of raw materials and production to the use and reuse of the used acoustic panels.

Roadmap with objectives
Our Cradle to Cradle certification focuses on sustainability throughout product and production design. Via our Cradle to Cradle roadmap, Troldtekt’s environmental responsibility is immediately evident in our daily operations as well as in our long-term strategic decisions.

Documented environmental profile

At Troldtekt, documentation and certification are a key element of our CSR work. In relation to the environment, this takes the form of

Sound production
The waste from producing Troldtekt acoustic panels is reused for energy or compost. We collect and recycle waste water, and 100 per cent of our electricity consumption is based on wind power.  100% of the energy for processing and heating the buildings comes from CO2-neutral fuels.

Collection of cement-bonded wood wool
At Troldtekt, we work systematically to ensure that cement-bonded wood wool waste from building sites is returned to nature as compost. These initiatives are only possible because – via our Cradle to Cradle certification – we have complete control of what our products contain.

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