Soft sights and sounds for software company

Massive Design architects were engaged by software giant, Oracle, to design their latest offices in Warsaw. The design pairs elegance and materiality with modern technology, a truly representative space for the global IT company's latest location.

Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in office buildings
Photo: Szymon Polansik

With over 20 years’ experience in corporate design, Massive Design was able to provide Oracle with the best solutions available. It meets the challenge to create an interesting interior that will maintain the timeless values of functionality and aesthetics and will serve employees and clients for a long time.

Designed with a wide range use of high-quality natural finishes, the final selection of materials was not only led by eco-friendly and less-waste solutions but also with great attention to acoustics. This was the reason why Troldtekt’s cement-bonded wood wool acoustic tiles are used to help overcome common problems with open office areas, where there is insufficient sound absorbers or barriers.

The acoustic tiles were used as both ceiling and wall cladding in the colours natural wood and black and in an ultrafine finish. Ceilings are clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels, while selected walls have been decorated with hexagon formed rhomb mini and rhomb hatch panels, which are part of Troldtekt’s award-winning design solutions collection. The rhomb panels create an interesting surface with a three-dimensional pattern.

Conscious design decisions during the early stages improved the comfort of the final space. During workshops, many different solutions were recognised and implemented for more focused, collaborative work. The employees are now able to transfer easily between brainstorming open collaborations to the soft seating, informal solo work points as well as from the standard sit-stand desks straight to the communication booths or enclosed meeting areas. Every single piece of movable or built-in furniture within these areas helps employees work more effectively. In other words, the entire office was designed to maximise the comfort and productivity of its users.

Despite the classic division of guest and employee areas, the design does not distinguish between two different standards of finish. In the office part of the interior, an important role is given to mixed use connect and social areas because at the time the new Warsaw HQ was combining two independent offices.

Different ways of integration were also developed in consultation with Oracle representatives from individual departments. These included spaces dedicated to integration and relaxation, fitted out with comfortable soft seating, play tables and even a yoga room.

The centrally located cafeteria also brings the amazing downtown Warsaw panorama view to all employees. The same view can be enjoyed by Oracle clients while entering the reception area along with the fantastic display of the well-known Oracle logo hanging above.